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Category: Midnight Mysteries

Midnight Mysteries 1

Midnight Mysteries – Chapter 2

Midnight Mysteries #2
Eliza meets old friends among the enlightened crowd during a meteor shower that will dramatically change their lives.

Midnight Mysteries 1

Midnight Mysteries – Chapter 1

Disclaimer: This is an ongoing adaptation/translation of a screenplay I wrote way back in 2014, Mistérios da Madrugada. I’ve been wanting to tell this story in English for quite some time, so here it is, the first chapter, for free in this particular form, which allows me to add some media to improve the experience. As this is an ongoing novella, there will be definitely some edits along the way, so bear with me. I am committed to making this as best as possible, so fire away with all the feedback you can muster. This is a work of fiction. Any similarities  with real events or real people are either a coincidence or a tribute.