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Armonía – Short Documentary Film

Three different people, three different lifestyles, three different ages but all connected by music, art. This film shows our audience a demonstration of how 3 anonymous can be part of a great group well known that it’s all composed by humble people, by professionals to make us feel in harmony with them, as a team, all together.


80s Fans Rejoice: Watch the Lost Music Video for Fresh Prince’s “Nightmare on My Street”

In 1988, Fresh Prince Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff recorded a music video that never made it into the public spotlight due to legal disputes between their record company BMG and New Line, distributing company of “Nightmare on Elm Street”, the series featuring the dream hopping Freddie Kruger and his horrifying acts. Thought lost […]

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Hype Track: Doom Eternal Mix | Best of Darksynth / Synthwave / Hellsynth

This infernal compilation of banging tracks is brought to you by The 80s Guy, subscribe to his channel! So damn good!