2020 TV Shows Calendar – First Semester

What to expect when you are expecting the kick off to an awesome decade of content.


January 7th – Kim’s Convenience is BACK for its 4th Season and I did not know this before publishing this post initially! Go watch this award winning series right now! Okay See you!

January 23rd – Star Trek: Picard finally engages into warp bringing back the iconic Starfleet Captain, who is no longer in Starfleet and must lead a rag-tag crew to help a mysterious young woman.

January 31st – Bojack Horseman hits the last stretch of its final season and retires–for better or worse.

February 6th – Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back for more action comedy in blue

February 7th – Locke and Key, the adaptation of the indie comic debuts on Netflix

February 21st – Star Wars: The Clone Wars is back for its final season streaming on Disney+, the Dave Filoni joint is bound to give Ahsoka Tano’s arc some sense of closure before her appearance in the chronologically posterior Star Wars: Rebels, as well as finally closing the gap between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

February 23rd – Better Call Saul is back for its last(?) season. Will Jimmy’s saga come to a close as we head full circle into Breaking Bad territory or will it ever end? Is there going to be something up with Post-BB Jimmy and the El Camino film released late last year? Who knows? It’s gonna be prime Gilligan’s entertainment right here for certain!

February 27th – Altered Carbon rolls up the sleeves for its Season 2, as protagonist Takeshi Kovacs is now played by Anthony Mackey, which completely makes sense since this is a world where people change bodies all the time.

March 15th – Westworld is back, this time going full on Cyberpunk as we deal with the ramifications of the previous seasons outside the theme park! Aaron Paul joins the cast!

April 15th – What We Do In The Shadows flaps tiny wings towards its Second Season(and once it has a trailer for S2 it shall go up there), the Taika Watiti produced, sometimes directed, sometimes guest starred show had one of the most hilarious first seasons of a show ever, and left us yearning for more!

April 19th – Fargo is back starring CHRIS ROCK!!!!!!!!!11111111111 For more existential dark humor filled with cold violence!

May 3rd – Billions is once again pitting Bobby Axelrod against Chuck Rhoades as they are no longer BFFs!

May 6th – Archer has awoken! At last! After seasons of Noir shenanigans, Island adventures and Sci-Fi capers, with the words of the Notorious B.I.G. “It was all a dream”, now the most dangerous immortal spy must adapt to a new reality, the one where he’s been in a coma for the past three months.

May 31st – Snowpiercer is being adapted as a TV series to TNT and it took quite the long road to do so, going from TNT to TBS back to TNT and with many creative differences along its way. Starring Daveed Diggs and Jennifer Connely, we shall see how this adaptation fares against the Boon-Joon Ho film from 2013.

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