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Mr. Robot, S4 E2: Payment Required

This second episode of the final season opens up with a significant sequence in which we can see Zhi Zhang (Whiterose) history around all this past decades. Price explains the Deus Group, an organization created to bring together most powerful men. We can see images from the end of Berlin Wall, passing through all leaders as Castro, Obama and all known powerful men to take advantage of moneymaking post Cold War. Whiterose is in charge as he uses Internet to develop all this business, to create profit and to control any individual, any. They created the Internet, as we can see. Eventually, the Deus Group came to realize that they were pawns of Whiterose and not equals. All of this exposition is done quickly and done well. It even leads to Elliot and Mr. Robot proposing the always-welcome good guy/bad guy team up.

Elliot and Price meet up and Mr. Robot asks Evil Corp’s CEO to try to get all this Deus Group together into a room and try to hack them, it’s the only way Elliot can save his life and everybody else’s life. Price is not up to do that, they only have 7 days and he thinks it’s practically impossible to get all this powerful men in one room in such a short term. Is this time when Alderson implies the emotional feelings both have: Angela’s death. This words make an impact on Phillip who leaves the room saying that he will try to do something, we’ll see that later on.

The rhythm on this second episode is not as fast as on “Unauthorized”, but this slow down introduces us on a thriller that keeps us focus on Elliot and his plan on destroying Whiterose. Besides, the story gives us another “non important”, at least from the main story line, event: Elliot’s and Darlene’s mum death. Elliot, despite having eight days to live and Darlene, despite dealing with extreme grief from Angela already, have to tend to their mother’s estate. They never had the best relationship or even worse; if someone withdrew themselves from your life, when she dies they still have to take care of the body, funeral and all theses “painful” moments. Here we can see how different are Elliot and Darlene from each other: the first one keeps all his feelings inside himself, just to deal with them and focusing on Whiterose, in fact this doesn’t mean he’s already passed that. Darlene is the opposite, she has a lot of temper and she is affected all about Angela. When both are tiding up all their mothers belongings, they find a cassette, in which there is a tape, “Happy Mothers Day”. It’s time to listen carefully to three children voices (Darlene, Elliot and Angela) wishing Mrs. Moss a happy day, cute.

Not after this, we have Dom, being interrogated by her own FBI colleague. The lonely Dominique is being threatened by Janice, she must not say anything about Santiago and The Dark Army. Dom struggles at the interview but she manages to sell a cover up story, but that is not enough. For the taxidermist 99% sure the FBI bought the story makes the scary Janice kill the agent that was interviewing Dom, tragic.

Going back on Price’s feeling it’s in this episode in which we discover Angela’s death has clearly had more of an impact on Phillip Price than we think. In a dramatic scene, Price visits Zhang at his house and tells him he is resigning as CEO of E Corp by the end of the year. That’s the first step he could do to get the Deus Group all together, as Elliot suggested.
But Whiterose doesn’t agree at all, he says the only way he can leave is if the Deus Group decide on Price’s successor, in person, they need to vote. This conversation leaves Whiterose angry, in this instance (as on the whole scene), the song “O Come Let Us Adore Him” plays as Whiterose pushes down a giant Christmas tree in anger. Christmas as bad things happen: Just perfect. As I have been observing this two episodes is that Sam Esmail places all typical Christmas decorations as lights, trees and even people dress up as a snow man, as we can see at the scene Elliot and Darlen have at underground station. All of this is done to show how insignificant this actions are, when Christmas is not all about that.

Going through the funeral, there is the great revelation of this season. We can finally see an aproach between siblings, Elliot and Darlen have a conversation and they share more than feelings, but also their actions. Darlene tells her brother what happened to Susan Jacob (she killed her with taser on Season 3), as Mr. Robot wants to have access to her Ecoin wallet. Elliot confesses her his plan against Whiterose, obviously his sister wants to be part of it as she was all this way as a memeber of fsociety, this brings them together. But this is not all Darlene tells Elliot something he didn’t know, drug dealer Vera’s threatening visit, but neither Elliot and Mr Robot remember this interaction.
Elliot suspects Mr. Robot did it, but as this last one reacts makes them change their minds and think about it: if it wasn’t you or me, who was it?

We go through the last scene in which we can see a little child playing on a chair inside the meeting room of, as I can recognize, is EC building. Suddenly somebody opens the door, it’s Elliot’s mother saying that somebody is coming, is it Elliot? No. Is it Mr. Robot? No, “the other one” says the mum.
As this comes, all of us are confirming that there is a third personality, a third alter ego on the scene, but we don’t know who he is for now. Mr. Robot is full of plot points, drama, death, revenge, reconciliation. Are you ready for the next twist? Who do you think is “the other one”? Tyrell? Angela? Darlene? Sam Esmail? This is Mr. Robot.

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