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Mr. Robot, S4 E1: Unauthorized

Mr. Robot is back into the last season of this fantastic series, starting up from the conversation Angela and Phillip Price had at the end of Season 3. Things are going from reconciliation to seeing Angela angry, knowing that Price is her actual father.

There are two roles in this scene, EC CEO is trying to convince his daughter to stop and give up: “I cannot protect you Angela”. She refuses any advice and decides not to change her mind applying to her fathers words when he suddenly gets too sensitive and loses his temper: ““You are panicking right now; remove all emotion and you’ll do just fine. Isn’t that what you are good at?” At this moment, Phillip decides to walk away while he tears a wire he has inside his shirt. The Dark Army was listening to the whole conversation.
The camera fantastically follows Price leaving Angela at the back left of our screens. The audience keeps following him but the focus is on her when suddenly two men, sent by The Dark Army, shoot Angela in the head.

Resultado de imagen de mr robot season 4 episode 1

Phillip comes back home devastated, full of angry and disappointed, he gets a phone call, it’s Whiterose. We see her, calmly talking to the CEO, convinced that what he’s done is right and that it was Angela’s decision. She seems serious, cold blooded and confidant, looking forward to end Elliot: “This are your last Christmas”. This is coming to an end.

Following this dramatic unexpected first scenes that left everybody with their mouths open, this first episode introduces us to Elliot. We move to an office, listening to Christmas music we meet attorney Freddy, he is hosting a party with all his workmates. At this time he receives an envelope in which there is an USB device and a phone, very important for what is coming.
We can’t hide Fred is a dick, he deserves anything bad happening to him or at least to go to jail, but Mr. Robot doesn’t care about the consequences. The phone rings and the attorney answers, for first time we can hear Christian Slater’s voice, giving Freddy all the instructions he needs to follow if he doesn’t want to get caught on what he is doing. On the USB we can see a video in which he is involved on a child scandal, nasty. Anyway, he accepts to follow the instructions that bring us to the train station, not before clicking on a link Elliot sent to his email to download the content and upload it into the USB.

Christian Slater in the Season 4 premiere of “Mr. Robot.”

Once at the Grand Central Station the action and the tension starts, Mr. Robot’s eyes are on Freddy who is told to get a train ticket at the kiosk to meet Elliot at the train. Not only with that, two Dark Army men are trying to stop this meeting and ruin everything for both of them, the only way to get them away is getting the attorney to get rid of all his electronic devices. He manages to do it, for now.
Elliot is already waiting for him seating in the last wagon, Fred doesn’t have a clue who Alderson is but it doesn’t matter, Elliot gets a whole lot of information that sums up on a name, John Garcin and a bank, The National Cyprus Bank before he realizes Freddy’s being tracked by the Dark Army via Bluetooth on his company badge. They have to leave and meet outside.
The meeting breaks down when Fred, knowing he doesn’t have any chance to keep going safe, shoots himself in the head and dies in the middle of the road. There are already two people shot in the head in about 20-25 minutes.

In the interval, the audience is told by the news that the 5/9 hack reversal has led to “historic gains”and it’s thanks to E Corp and its CTO Tyrell. We soon find out he is very overwhelmed and not happy at all.
Then, we get introduced to Dom, paranoid at her mum’s home thinks a plumber is somebody dangerous and she is not far from shooting him in a very awkward scene where the poor guy is shocked. Later on, for dinner Dom’s mum tries to set her up with a taxidermist called Janice. But the meeting doesn’t end as Dominique would expect: She is a Dark Army agent who threatens Dom.

After this trap Dom is involved in we see Darlene is not in a good moment, she is back into drugs and thinks that Angela is not actually dead, Elliot losses his temper on her as he knows that she was actually killed, not showing his sister a picture as a proof, but who knows? Anything can happen in Mr. Robot. Is Darlene onto something?

The relationship between Elliot and Mr. Robot has changed, we see them cooperating more than ever, even Elliot is getting his own sense into John Garcin case, they look more as a team not as two individuals fighting against each other’s thoughts. We can observe this as only Slater is talking to the audience and not Malek as it was before. Is this a good change? We’ll see, at least is something striking.

Elliot and Mr. Robot break into John Garcin’s flat but it turns that this name is made up by the Dark Army, he doesn’t exist, the Wi-Fi signal is disconnected, Elliot realizes that after picking a book which name is “No Exit”. They leave the apartment as the song “Don’t Worry Be Happy” is playing.

There we come to the final scene: terrorific. Elliot is caught and sent to his apartment where a few men give him a shot of, it looks like, heroin to inject him. There is a cameo here, a very special one: Sam Esmail, the creator of the TV show is there, part of the group that intends to kill Elliot. Knowing this, there is so much meaning to the phrase: “Goodbye, friend.” This is actually coming to an end. But that’s not it, as the credits are coming to end the episode, a group of men gather and give our main character an antidote to save him from death. One of those is Phillip Price, sending a message to Whiterose about what they spoke earlier on. The episode is starting and finishing with him, what are Price’s goals?

Mr. Robot is back with an extraordinary first episode in which we can ask ourselves how is everything going to end. Tyrell is stuck, depressed, Dom is in danger, in a very bad position. Darlene lost herself, but who knows, she is always back. And Elliot, he is a star hoping he will, step by step, face Whiterose to beat her from top to bottom.

Resultado de imagen de elliot episode 1 season 4

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