Trip To Iceland – Peace

“Art is any human creation that leaves a lasting impression”

Hans Kauffmann

Jökulárlón Glacier was just in front of us when we woke up, we would not have thought the night before that we would have the most beautiful morning. It was very sunny and very warm, for one day, we could enjoy this sensation: feeling pleasant to be surrounded by ice and snow.

An amazing shiny day we spent on our early morning, perplexed, looking everywhere trying to get in our mind every single spot on that stunning scene. Even a few horses were there, having their own breakfast, eating grass in the most peaceful scenario possible for them, that was cute.

Rauðaberg II

At the hostel we met a Slovenian couple that, curiously, they were doing the same trip as us but the other way round (from the northwest until the south, through the East) so we could share our experiences and give advice to know what to visit.

We packed everything again and after refueling in Höfn, we discovered our camera was broken, it wouldn’t turn on. It is incredible, that this fact made us stop in the middle of nowhere, just to get early fresh air, when we actually found out some cascades and waterfalls into the mountains.


We got out from the car and started to wander through the muddy hills, all sorrounded of beautiful waterfalls and crystalline water. We also found a Canadian couple exploring those wild lands and taking some pictures.

We kept walking through the muddy fields until we found some hidden waterfalls and managed to walk behind them, staring at the heavy water while falling down. It was a gorgeous place where we took some pictures and found some other paths that led us up to the mountain and had incredible views from the top.

Breiðdalsvík was a small village on the coast where we stopped for a quick rest. We took a few provisions from the boot and made some sandwiches. While having lunch on a bench, we realized we were at an abandoned gas station, we enjoyed the silence and the sound of the sea mixed with the wind at the same time.

Driving and gazing at the blue and clear sky, finding new mountains completely covered of snow, a worth driving road to reach the northern waterfalls. We could not miss Reyðarfjörður, a quiet town in the north east of the country which had the Icelandic Wartime Museum, a culture centre to learn about the WWII period in Iceland.

When surrounding the town and driving beside the cold sea, we suddenly discovered a little frozen fall with a farm right next to it.

Chasing and reaching the next destiny, Hengifoss and Litlanesfoss, two natural wonders. Riding all the way through the green and forest lands, where we could see a big lake passing right next to us. We kept driving for one hour until we arrived into the rocky and huge waterfalls.

Hengifoss – Litlanesfoss

We climbed up to the hill which ringed the falls and found a rock to have some unique views, showing a a complete loniless and peace to stare at those rough and stunning waterfalls. We were there completely alone until we reached the top and see a little group of around 7 people coming down the hill. Spending our evening there, we admired those places sitting down on a bench until we decided it was time to find a place to stay over, we never expected it as incredible as it was…

Laugar, our favourite shelter where we felt “like heaven”, literally, we arrived there when it was so dark that we could admire the Northern Lights. But that is not absolutely the best part of it, we had the opportunity not only to stare at the Aurora Borealis but also to get a warm Icelandic bath at the street, in front of our snowy and quiet atmosphere.

The Bath Tub, is a large or small container for holding water in which we could enjoy a complete relaxing time in our journey. The actual liquid comes from the mountains, where it gets warm, it is called thermal waters, I am sure you know.

We just got rid off all our clothes and got into the water, with our feet outside the actual tub as we were lying down. The sky was completely clear as we could watch so many stars as the already mentioned Northern Lights. The feeling was as if we had just been born in a pure Freedom. Listening to music and getting warm at the same time, we met Tim, a young Swiss adventurer travelling on his own all over the country. He saw us and decided to join our “Bath Tub Party”. We stayed there for hours until our skin got wrinkled. This water, was incredibly pure, very clean and at the perfect degrees to keep you warm all the time, not too hot, not tepid, just as an Italian citizen would like pasta: “al dente”.

Having the best time in our trip was something we will always remember and enjoy as it lasted, looking up to the sky and appreciating the Northern Lights for the first time in our lives, green and curved lines crossing the dark sky.

Four hours was the time we needed to get the energies back while keeping warm and comtemplating the Aurora Borealis. We got out from the bath tub and came up to our room to end with this sublime day.

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