Trip To Iceland – First Steps


“The core of mans’ spirit comes from new experiences.” 

Into the Wild; John Krakauer

Its a cold, windy, dark and early morning, but it’s time to start exploring, to start feeling ourselves the only owners of our lifes. We need to catch a flight to Reykjavik, the world’s most northerly and Europe’s most westerly capital. There we go.

Arriving into our new territory we found it so cold and windy outside, we could feel our skin being hit by a blow, as Eolo having us in the spotlight. We had the feeling that we landed in the middle of nowhere, we couldn’t even spot a single “ordinary” field. These ones looked like browny, sandy, boggy just if you were landing close to a volcanic place, as Iceland is. That’s the truth you are not aware of until you think about it; well, it happened to us.

Excited and full of energy to start our adventure, we landed in Iceland, ready to get our nice all terraine car.


As we had already checked out, Bonus was going to be our food and drink provider for the entire week, the main low cost supermarket in Iceland. We started driving towards the store with a stormy and cloudy weather to accomplish our first mission and filled the boot with plenty of pasta and sweets to survive.

While driving all the way to the Golden Circle, we had a burger in the middle of the road and decided we had to stop to contemplate the lunar landscape that was surrounding us. Being ready to explore the place, randomly we ended up in Mosfellsbær, trying to find out our first contact into the mountains.

We thought it was our moment to jump out when, while driving, we found a little river all covered of snow and, when we arrived there, we discovered that somebody placed a commemorative cross in memory of a motorcyclist who died after crashing his bike. We both felt bonds…

We continued our journey on the way to Þingvellir to arrive at the Golden Circle. The National Park was giving us the welcome we needed after all efford going through terrible weather: Öxarárfoss.


We decided then we needed to find a place to stay this coming night, so we drove through the East of Reykjavik: Laugarvatn, our first embrace. A big, modern building, nicely decorated by loads of artistic or classic objects such as telegraphs, cinematographs, cameras… all sorrounded by several bookshelves.

Back “home” we enjoyed ourselves learning, playing and messing around the place when we just went downstairs and found a nice pool room which was full of sport and exercise related decoration: wooden made skis, old table games, icelandic 60´s football team poster… In one corner they were placed some comfortable sofas facing the TV, in the middle, a pinewood table full of magazines and many boarding games. We actually played an interesting game of chess, just to proof ourselves we can always make the right choice, are you joining the game?



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