Streaming service CBS All Access just dropped a full trailer of their new Twilight Zone series, releasing its first two episodes on April 1st in the online platform and airing weekly on April 11th in the regular CBS broadcast.

Taking over for the legendary Rod Serling as host is the Academy Award winner and Executive Producer Jordan Peele (Get Out), and this new iteration also features an ensemble cast that contains but is not limited to Sanaa Lathan (The Affair), Kumail Nanjani (The Big Sick), Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation), Rhea Seehorn (Better Call Saul), John Cho (Searching) and Greg Kinnear (As Good as it Gets), not to mention a surprise Tracy Morgan (30 Rock).

The 10 episode season appears to be a mix between classic episodes from the original series that aired in the 60s and new content created for this particular version of the show.

Ask it a YES/NO question

As a big fan of the original series and Mr. Peele’s dramatic acumen, this trailer left me incredibly thrilled, gasping for air with the nostalgic references and yet bracing for the inevitable update our new age has to offer to these tales of wonder and despair at the dimension of the unknown.

Official Poster
Image result for BIRDMAN GIF
This is me patiently waiting for April

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