Following up on the thread of our very first post, Alex Kurtzman, the man behind Star Trek right now, released new details on Star Trek: Picard that were reported by the Hollywood Reporter in a story containing a very thorough explanation of the setting of this highly anticipated new show.

It’s exactly what I hoped from the series, the continuation of the Romulan saga that was provided the scenario for one of the best two-parters in Trek history, TNG:”Unification”, featuring Leonard Nimoy as Ambassador Spock. After the destruction of Romulus in the Prime Timeline at the beginning of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek, written by Kurtzman himself, the Romulan civilization is in shambles.

While some details remain vague, Kurtzman mentioned that the story they want to tell was bold enough to engage Patrick Stewart, who was previously wary of going back to his iconic character.

Kurtzman met with Stewart to pitch his ideas and the legendary actor asked him to prepare a three page outline. Kurtzman was joined by screenwriter Michael Chabon and they started work on this outline, that turned out to have 34 pages.

It was the best effort they could ever make to reel in the reluctant captain, so they went for all or nothing. Thankfully, Stewart was amazed by what they had in those 34 pages.

It seems like it will be about the isolated and martial Romulans having to deal with the inevitable necessity of joining the Federation of Planets to ensure the survival of their civilization, focusing on Picard’s diplomatic efforts to make this happen continuing the mission of unification that his fallen friend, Ambassador Spock gave his life to. I imagine it will be thought provoking, as there will clearly be some tension between the citizens of the Federation and the Romulan refugees. I’m sure that’s a theme that would pique the interest of Mr. Stewart.

This new Trek series still doesn’t have an official name, which is why I’m calling it The Picard Show

With Star Trek: Discovery‘s Season 2 fast approaching and at least four different Trek projects set to be released in the near future, the long lived franchise is definitely prospering.

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