Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot Should Never Say Bye


New years is coming, and as we all know months ago, Mr. Robot is ending, one of the saddest events we will witness for 2019 (the date is not official yet).  Sam Esmail and USA Network announced the end of the road on Mr. Robot, a true tragedy for the fans, adding more drama to this Master Piece.

Fans can’t wait to see how Esmail is going to solve all the questions and plots the series have developed making it more and more challenging. Even though on Season 3 we could already answer loads of questions, White Rose is Mr. Robot’s and Elliot’s next target after completing Stage 2 for him; Dom hates Darlene and will probably chase her; Tyrell is in trouble; Angela discovers his biological father…

After 4 seasons, Esmail always believed that the length of his product would be 4-5 seasons max, Mr Robot, one of the most shocking series psychologically, mentally and in terms of society, anarchy, revolution and “proper justice”.

We are almost saying goodbye to an amazing series that leads all viewers to ask themselves some questions that should be essential for all human being, specially nowadays: are we really controlled by anybody? are we controlled by ourselves? are we living our life under our control? are we able to be happy on this society? are you working building a new society or are you just depending on it?

If you never asked yourself, you are late, go and watch Mr. Robot and remember…


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