Right on the week of Pokémon Let’s Go‘s release, Ryan Reynolds, who is playing the titular character on the upcoming feature film Detective Pikachu, has released the trailer for the first live-action Pokémon rendition to hit screens.

And it’s INSANE.

Featuring a cyberpunk creature filled universe with hyper-realistic depictions of popular characters, Detective Pikachu presents a story based on the game of the same name, as Tim Goodman, a random kid played by Justice Smith gets involved in solving a mystery about his missing father(is he called Saul?) with the help of the cute furry monster that speaks like Deadpool.

Surprised Pikachu Meme Gets An Upgrade
Does this look to be the beginning of a Pokémon Cinematic Universe? I’ve always thought a live action rendition of the franchise is a bold move, maybe even a stupid one, but this looks hilariously good, like this Mr. Mime that looks like it will steal your soul:

Featuring Thomas The Tank face
Or the classic Jigglypuff with this signature marker:


Jigglypuff is not taking requests
Some dinosaur-like hydroponic growers:

A friend of mine claims to have seen a real Bulbasaur crossing a road and this is exactly what it looked like
King of Migraines, himself:

You do NOT want this Psyduck reading your mind
Guess it just did
And my personal favorite, Charizard, doing his thing:

This is probably the end of the movie
Still, I wished a different Reynolds would be providing the voice:


Detective Pikachu releases on May 9, 2019.

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