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Daredevil Season 3 Review – Spoilers

In this season, Matt Murdock abandons his old life and hangs out in a church while Wilson Fisk uses the law to get out of prison and some FBI dude named Poindexter shows up, goes crazy and starts throwing stuff at everyone for no damn reason.

At the start of it all, blind-lawyer-turned-hero Matt Murdock is in bad shape, feeling lost, hallucinating his way through his faith shaking recovery in his favorite church’ s crypt, aided by his buddy priest and Sister Maggie, a nun that constantly shows up to criticize his habits, companies and the tidiness of his room *wink* *wink*.

Meanwhile, Fisk is pissed, feeling constantly at risk, his reputation dissed. Prison does not fit the big man’ s appetite, even though he pretty much runs it. When he discovers his dear Vanessa is being targeted for being an accessory to his crimes, the Kingpin decides to react.

Image result for mugatu prison gif
Wilson Fisk: Back in Action

Vincent D’ Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk continues to be the great scary triumph of this show, as he chews his way through the scenery of New York’s underworld and ultimately uses his connections to restore his criminal empire from within the federal government, breaking the minds of FBI agents to transform them into tools for his bidding, as we see happening gradually to Ray Nazeem and Ben Poindexter.

We get some fleshing out on the life of Hell’s Kitchen’s best avocado at law Foggy Nelson, really getting to the meat of his existence as we gaze unto his family life. Forced to throw himself in the spotlight to protect the lives of those close to him, he runs for DA in order to get justice on Fisk.

The show finally decides to reveal Karen Page’s traumatizing past and Deborah Ann Woll succeeds once again in portraying this haunted character, cut off from her family and endangering her life and career to stand up for the simplest guiding principle, Truth.

Breaking the mold from the comics, we get a new origin for iconic villain Bullseye in the form of Ben Poindexter, a nasty piece of work that really, really likes throwing stuff around. Wilson Fisk analyzes his psychological past in an amazing mind-bending episode and puts the deranged shooter into his employment as the deadly mercenary posing as Daredevil.

Speaking of this particular scenario, the action pieces on this season are on another level, with Charlie Cox flipping around in one-take battles featuring unbelievable stunt work, both in fighting and displaying Bullseye as the most dangerous villain to wreak havoc on Hell’s Kitchen. Anything that stays on his reach can drop you.

Setting up the table nicely for a future installment, I definitely hope there will be another season of Marvel’s Daredevil, as this one delivered in all the best forms possible.

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