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Meltan: Have you seen this Pokémon?

Maybe you never phased out the Pokémon Go craze, maybe the announcement for Nintendo Switch’s upcoming Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee & Let’s Go Pikachu!  brought you back to it. But if you had your Pokemon Go app opened last week, you probably saw something very strange nearby: Meltan, an unidentified Pokémon that started appearing right after the latest Community Day event.

The monster could only be found in the wild for 30 minutes, but the twist is that when captured, it would reveal itself to be a Ditto or another Pokemon. Curious indeed! However, after a lot of mystery, The Pokemon Company has confirmed that the strange, Ditto-like monster is a brand-new species of Pokemon called Meltan.

In the new trailer below, Professor Willow from Pokemon Go calls Professor Oak, with strange news that Dittos all over the world are masquerading as an unidentified Pokemon. Oak says he recalls seeing the monster in ancient texts and that it’s a Mythical Pokemon.

Meltan is classified as the Hex Nut Pokemon. It’s a pure Steel-type with a fluid, amorphous body made of liquid metal.  Meltan can use its arms and legs to corrode and absorb metal. It can also generate electricity, which it uses both in battle and as a source of energy.

For now, players still have no idea how to capture the actual Mythical Pokemon and not its doppelgangers, but it’s safe to say it might have some connection with the upcoming Switch Games scheduled for release November 16th.

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