After a long hiatus, Doctor Who will be back on October 7th!

For months we have only been getting a few snippets of what the Thirteenth’s series will be, with Jodie Whittaker taking on the iconic role of ”The Doctor”.

After Peter Capaldi’s (12th Doctor) departure and new show-runner Chris Chibnall (Broadchurch) taking over from Steven Moffat, the new series promises a return to the formula:

“So I wanted to make sure that every member of the audience felt they had a relatable character, an access point… Hopefully it means that the show can resonate with the broadest possible audience. And of course, three companions with the Doctor… we’re really going back to 1963 – that’s the format of the show! the writer told Digital Spy.”

Another big change is that the show will be moving from Saturdays to Sunday nights on BBC1:

“New Doctor, new home!”

“Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor is about to burst into Sunday nights — and make the end of the weekend so much more exciting. Get everybody’s homework done, sort out your Monday clothes, then grab some special Sunday night popcorn, and settle down with all of the family for Sunday night adventures across space and time. (Also, move the sofa away from the wall so parents can hide behind it during the scary bits).

“The Thirteenth Doctor is falling from the sky and it’s going to be a blast.” – Chibnall said of the move.


No matter this ”timey wimey” change, we’ll see you there on October 7th. Allons-y!

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