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Better Call Saul S04E03 “Something Beautiful”

Jimmy finally gets his heist on and Gus plays mind games with the jolly cartel on the third episode of “Better Call Saul” Season 4.

Jimmy finally gets his heist on and Gus plays mind games with the jolly cartel on the third episode of “Better Call Saul” Season 4.

As the eager McGill lays down his plan for the Bavarian Heist, a disinterested Mike shuts him down. Nothing wrong with the plan, he just is not interested. Jimmy blows off Mikeś condolences regarding his deceased brother, unaware of Mike’s new income, but his incredulity at Mike’s refusal of the score turns into frustration as he is forced to find another partner for the job. Jimmy could have dropped the idea entirely, but his obsession with the plan forces him to make a call to the sketchy vet.

Caldera, the enterprising veterinarian,fails to describe Jimmy’s intent and once again the suspended lawyer takes matters in his own hands, grabs the interloper’s phone, breaks the criminal protocol and makes a persuasive argument based on a simple question of “Do you shit gold?”. Caldera looks worried about this breach, unknowing that his bigger worries are just minutes away.

Nacho is in a bad spot, now a tool that does Fring’s bidding, with his new scary buddies helping him stage a desert shootout using a hail of bullets to cover up Arturo’s suffocating death and point the Salamanca Twins in another direction. With plenty of bullets to go around, Nacho takes a couple in his chest, ” Gotta make it look real”, after all.

The Twins turn the ravaged Oldsmobile into a roadside bonfire and get Nacho to a surprised Caldera. The veterinarian does his best to close up Nacho’s wounds in a gruesome scene and concludes that he will probably live, as long as his bowels are intact. Judging by his face, Nacho’s insides seem to be the opposite of intact, and Caldera gracefully bows himself out of this pickle claiming the cartel situation might be too hot even for New Mexico standards.

Kim Wexler’s journey towards success or a nervous breakdown continues, as the promising lawyer with a broken wing gets overwhelmed with an impressive display of mock-ups for the Mesa Verde branches that are yet to open with a very fast and aggressive expansion.

The heist is on, and as expected, it does not go as planned. What should have been a smooth, in-and-out switch-and-grab turns out to be a bit more complicated, for the previously introduced Mr. Neff, president of the copier company, is now living in his office due to some vacuum cleaner induced marital problems. The burglar in question is none other than Breaking Bad’s Vamonos Pest crew leader, Ira, aforementioned in the series as someone Saul has helped pull out of tight situations in the past. This particular situation definitely applies to the reference, for Jimmy has to sneak out in the middle of the night to create some sort of distraction for Ira to get out safe, sound and unnoticed by the copier company’s current denizen. Jimmy’s expertise with car based shenanigans proves to be useful and Mr. Neff’s bad night turns to worse as he watches his car slide away from his grasp towards the pillars of the parking lot. Ira, the burglar, and Jimmy, his enterprising associate, finally manage to get away safely.

Gus Fring’s fourth dimensional chess carries on, and he uses the staged attack as leverage in his negotiation with Don Eladio’s proxy Juan Bolsa to get a meth supplier north of the border. When we are treated to a shot of the campus he is walking on, the lab is populated by a single Gale Boetticher, played by the amazing David Costabile, reprising his role as the eccentric assistant chemist from Breaking Bad, that starts by his savant rendition of Tom Lehrer’s The Elements. Albeit just a tease for the ominous fate of these two lives, this moment stands as an example of the value Gus places on Gale’s future, which is currently just tasked to analyzing the sub-standard quality of north-brewed methamphetamine.

At last, we get to a reading Chuck’s letter and Jimmy is completely unphased by it, a careful mass of words written in a previous time, one meant for a young outcast struggling on a firm’s mail room, not the unbound force of trickery and deceit that Jimmy has become, a soul frozen by a treacherous foe in the guise of his older brother.

There is nothing like a tense heist and gruesome backyard surgery to up the scales of danger and excitement in the series that is the gift that keeps on giving.


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