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One Punch Man Season 2 Released in 2020?

Rumors are flying abound regarding the new season of One Punch Man and they are not looking good for a possible release this year or even the next.

There is an official announcement planned for August 12th, a date on which visitors to the convention AnimeJapan can expect to watch a screening of the first episode of the much awaited second season.

Source – Yonkou Productions:

The good news is that we can expect to see this same episode released online at some point after this screening.

However, due to the impeccable quality standards of the producing parties, we can expect this second season to debut only in 2020, as they feel it is imperative that the episodes be finished before the official release of the season.

So we are getting an episode to hold our anxiety until the next season, but three years have already passed between the first season and today, which is a pretty long time if you ask me.

It’s kind of amazing that the most successful ONE in recent history has been taking its sweet time to deliver a top quality product to its audience.

Let’s see if these rumors add up on August 12th.

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