Super Smash Bros. Video Games

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Simon Belmont and King K.Rool join the Battle!

Castlevania’s Simon Belmont has joined the fight

Simon Belmont’s Moves
King K.Rool Joins the Battle!

Dark Samus
Official Announcement:

ORIGINAL STORY: Fans supposedly figured out who is the newcomer that’s going to be announced in 08.08.2018’s Smash Bros Direct and that is no other than Castlevania’s vampire hunting protagonist Simon Belmont.

There was a Music Update last week on the official Smash Bros. Youtube Channel featuring Galaga and the title was changed yesterday for Bloody Tears / Monster Dance.

It has now changed back again, but the damage is done.

And here is Bloody Tears for reference:

Apparently, players should get their whips ready

We’ll update this post as soon as the Direct has been released.

And for those nostalgic about Castlevania, here is a few videos to refresh your memory of this classic franchise:

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