Street Fighter Video Games

Sagat is Back on Street Fighter

Fan favorite Sagat has finally arrived on Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition with all his ciclopic glory, so get ready for a whole bunch of Tiger-based moves:

-Tiger Shot

-Tiger Uppercut

-Tiger Knee Crush

There is also the V-Trigger moves Tiger Charge and Tiger Assault because apparently you can never have enough tigers.

Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono announced on EVO 2018 the addition of the Thai Legend and also a newcomer called G, a weird ass Lincolnesque character who appointed himself President Of The World and gave himself permission to completely ban the use of sleeves

Aside from being a strange character, G also has a nice catchy theme song that will surely create lots of memes.

G and Sagat are available for $5.99 a piece or as part of the Street Fighter 5 Season 3 Pack for the moderate sum of $29.99 and also includes previously released fighters Sakura, Blanka(THE LEGEND), Falke and Cody.


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