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Celebrating Picard’s Return

Boldly goers should be delighted by Patrick Stewart’s astonishing announcement confirming his return as the diplomatic Captain of the Enterprise-D, Jean Luc Picard in a new series currently in pre-production.

54VICLcPictured: My Particular Reaction

Set 20 years Post-Star Trek: Nemesis (which featured a bald Tom Hardy before Tom Hardy was a thing),  Jean-Luc Picard will command a new vessel and explore strange new worlds once more.

No scripts are ready yet, but in regards to high quality, I’ve been told the people involved share the love for the source material that will definitely make it so.

Will his buddies return as well?

Finally we are moving forward in the timeline as the series continues with Jean Luc Picard exploring new dimensions of his character.

Break out those Picard wine bottles because we are celebrating!

Ted Sullivan from Star Trek: Discovery lays down his words regarding this exciting news:

Of course, this whole amazing news would not be possible were it not for the outstanding success of Discovery in CBS’ new streaming platform and Netflix.

Temba, his arms wide!

Here is a list of the some of the best Picard moments:

  • The Tale of Gilgamesh:

Bad Ass Negotiator:


Nothing thrills me more than starting off this website with this wonderful news.


We’ll keep you updated on details of this upcoming Picard series.

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